The Road to Godot: Read this first before you switch to Godot!

As Godot Engine Experts and Developers we at Migeran are happy about the increased interest in Godot. At the same time, switching to any new engine is a strategic decision that requires careful analysis and planning. Choose Godot Engine for the right reasons, not out of anger and doubt. Read on for the first article of Migeran's 7-part Road to Godot series.


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Unity dropped a huge bomb a few days ago with the announcement of the retroactive change of the pricing structure of Unity Engine. As a result, many Unity developers have lost trust in the company and are looking for alternatives. Both Godot Engine  and Unreal Engine  have received a lot of interest during these last few days.

Now, after the huge public outrage, Unity has shared a new Open Letter with the public, where they announced a second change in their pricing structure in the hope that they can stop developers from leaving their platform.

As Godot Engine Experts and Contributors with over 6 years of experience with Godot on complex projects - and also with Unreal Engine projects behind us - we think that Godot Engine is a great choice, and we are happy that many developers are considering switching to it.

At the same time, choosing the right Engine for your project(s) is crucial: it has the potential to become a strong foundation for many years to come or to become a huge risk and liability.

As with any strategic decision, deciding which Engine to use going forward requires careful analysis and planning.

To help with this process, we are publishing the Road to Godot series, of which this article is the first one.

Our goal is that every new Godot user should choose it for the right reasons: after carefully considering their requirements, understanding the huge potential of Godot Engine, and how they can leverage Godot's strengths for the success of their projects.

We think that it is equally important to know when not to choose Godot, so we will also touch on this subject later in the series.

Is Godot Capable Enough for My Project?

Spoiler: Probably yes, with the right processes and team.

This question is the first one that anyone looking at Godot will ask, for good reason. But there is no generic answer, as Godot is not a drop-in replacement for Unity or any other Engine and it is not trying to be one. Like every other Engine, it has its own set of strengths and challenges that have to be taken into account. An Engine is just a tool, even if a very versatile one, and you have to invest in learning how to use it.

Godot is a very capable Engine and will handle most of your projects fine. It is also being developed at a rapid pace, with new investments from many Godot users announced almost daily.

This means that any list of features checked today will likely become outdated within 2 months (when Godot 4.2 will be released), or about 5 months after that (when the next release is planned).

Deciding whether Godot is capable of handling your project right now should be done with a systematic gap analysis of the features you use in your current engine and Godot.

Next Steps

The best way to start evaluating Godot is to just download the latest release from the website  and start playing with it. As with any new, complex tool, there is a learning curve, but Godot has excellent documentation  and also there is a vast amount of free and paid tutorials available.

The Godot Community is absolutely welcoming to new members. There are many different forums  where you can join to learn or to ask for help.

There are also expert companies, like Migeran  available to help with the transition process: providing customized training, gap analysis, engine customization, optimization and porting services.

The Road to Godot Series

The series will dive into the following topics:

  • Which language should I use? GDScript, C#, C++ ...
  • Which Features Make Godot Special?
  • How to extend and customize the Engine?
  • Godot Engine Beyond Games
  • How Does the Godot Engine Open Source Project Work?
  • Godot is Missing a Feature I Need! How do I get it done?

About Migeran - Godot Engine and Robotics Experts

Migeran is our software development and consulting company with extensive international experience with clients around the globe in many different domains. In the past 6 years we concentrated on the Godot Engine and Robotics.

Our focus is building extraordinary quality software for our clients and also creating our own software products.

Our first software product, Migeran for iOS was acquired by Intel  in 2015 and released as the Multi-OS Engine .

If you have a project idea or need additional experts for your existing projects, you may contact us either in email ([email protected]) or over our website contact form.

Our latest projects

  • Godot Engine: Augmented Reality Holographic HUD for next-generation vehicles (WayRay AG )

  • Godot Engine: Color Stereo Camera Addon for Meta Quest 2 (Foxus )

  • Unreal Engine: Virtual Reality Vehicle Simulator for Augmented UX design (WayRay AG )

  • Robotics: Inventory Robot Control Software and Container-based Software Platform (Wyca Robotics )

  • Migeran Web CMS for ERPNext: Create Websites with a Visual Editor

  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps built in Java / Kotlin, Swift / Objective-C and JavaScript / TypeScript with React Native.

  • Business applications based on Web and Mobile frontends and Java, Python, Ruby and PHP backend

Many Thanks to Kenney  and Mr. Slash  for the assets used in the Godot Scene.

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