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Software Consulting

Do you have a software project idea, but don't know how to turn it into reality?

Do you have a prototype or even a released product, but have issues with scaling and maintenance?

Are you looking for a trusted technical partner and CTO for your early stage startup?

Do you need an independent review of your software systems and architecture?

Our software consulting offering provides a flexible solution for a large variety of needs. We have 20+ years of software engineering and software architecture experience in a large variety of markets and industries to provide the perspective required by our clients. We offer fixed price packages and affordable hourly rates for long term engagements.


Consulting Packages

App Design Workshop

from 997,- EUR + VAT

We guide our clients from a project idea to an actionable implementation plan that can be used by a software development provider to make the project a reality. The package includes a 2 hour initial workshop to understand and refine the client's requirements. Our architect and engineering team prepares a step by step, actionable implementation plan which is presented to the client in a follow-up workshop.

Architecture Review

from 2997,- EUR + VAT

After an initial software architecture workshop, we schedule interviews with the technical teams of the client. We also conduct a detailed review of the existing codebase and software development processes. Our review report includes an assessment of the existing practices of the client, the architectural and process bottlenecks and improvement recommendations. The report is presented at a follow-up workshop.

CTO as a Service

from 9997,- EUR + VAT / month

We provide our 20+ years of experience in building software, managing software teams and aligning technical and business processes to our clients. Our CTO as a Service package includes: designing technical processes, interviewing and selecting engineers, leading the design and implementation of the software architecture. It is a full service offer: we do everything an internal CTO would do. The package includes 80 hours of work performed each month, with additional hours available at an affordable rate.

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Full Service Software Development

We build and maintain the software you need.

If you have a software project, but don't have a team, we are happy to build and maintain the software you need. Our proven approach ensures quick results.


The Migeran Software Process

Requirements First

We guide our clients to find and prioritize the true requirements for the developed software. This is a key step to get the results that they envisioned.

Select the Right Technology

Our goal is to select the technologies for a software project that will ensure the long term success and maintainability. Our company has experience in a wide variety of technologies, which allows us to find the ideal technology stack for any list of requirements.

Agile Development

We develop every project using an agile, iterative process, using short, usually 2-3 week long iterations. At the end of each iteration we deliver an updated version of the software to the client. As soon as we reach the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) stage we recommend our clients to go into production, and refine the product based on the feedback from their real user base using the same agile process.

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Integrated Software Team

Do you need experienced engineers to quickly expand your team?

Do you need a specific expertise that is not available in-house?

Did you have a bad experience with external contractors due to communication or technical problems?

Our Integrated Software Team offering unifies the advantages of hiring engineers in-house and working with external contractors. You can increase your team much quicker than hiring in-house developers. This is especially true for hard to find expertise like AR / VR / XR, Automotive or Robotics. Our engineers integrate seamlessly with your existing team, they use the same communication tools (e.g. Slack), the same development processes (e.g. code review), and upload the code into the same source code repository.


How It Works

Direct Communication

Our engineers use the same communication tools (e.g. Slack and JIRA) as your in-house team members. They participate in the online meetings (e.g. daily standup meetings).

Same Processes and Quality Standards

Our engineers follow the same development processes (e.g. code reviews, automated testing) as your in-house team. You can expect that the code written by our engineers will meet the same quality standards than the rest of your codebase.

Access the Migeran Expertise

With our engineers working on your project, your team also gets access to the 20+ years of software development and architecture experience of Migeran.

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AR / VR / XR Development

Automotive and Headset based AR and VR Experience

We built the rendering engine for WayRay's TrueAR holographic AR HUD system based on a heavily customized Godot Engine. We also have experience with AR / VR on the HTC Vive and Oculus Quest series of headsets using Godot Engine, Unreal Engine and Unity.


Latest Projects

Automotive AR HUD Rendering Engine


We built the AR rendering engine for WayRay's TrueAR AR HUD system with a heavily customized Godot Engine.

Automotive AR / VR Simulator


We built an AR / VR Simulator on top of Carla Simulator and a customized Unreal Engine.

Foxus - Passthrough RGB AR for Oculus Quest 2


We integrated a stereo RGB camera to the Oculus Quest 2 to provide full-color passthrough AR.

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Mobile and Web Application Development

We have 15 years of experience in native and cross-platform mobile app development.

We also built business web applications with Java, Python, Ruby and PHP backends.

We started our mobile app development journey with J2ME, Symbian and BlackBerry. As iOS and Android emerged, we added these new platforms to our portfolio as well. Our first cross-platform app project was built in Java in the early 2010s. It supported all 4 major mobile platforms at the time.

In 2013 we started the development of Migeran for iOS, our framework for building iOS apps in Java. It was acquired by Intel in 2015, and later released as the Multi-OS Engine.

Currently we work with React Native to create a Universal App Framework targeting Mobile and Web applications from the same codebase.


Latest Projects

Multi-OS Engine


Our app framework to build iOS apps in Java was acquired by Intel and released as the Multi-OS Engine.

React Native SDK


We built a React Native SDK using TypeScript, TurboModules and JSI to create a unified API for a separately developed Android and iOS SDK.

Universal App Framework


We are working on a Universal App Framework based on React Native to create Mobile and Web Apps from a single codebase. Contact us for more information, if you are interested.

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Robotics & IoT Development

We have 4 years of experience with the Robot Operating System - Version 1 & 2

We worked with ROS in a low-latency environment (Automotive AR Rendering System)

We worked with most major ROS2 backends (Fast DDS, CycloneDDS, Iceoryx, Zenoh).

We also built a Mobile Gateway prototype on top of ROS2 and Zenoh for Automotive applications.

We have experience building Embedded Linux Systems on ARM and MIPS architectures.


Latest Projects

ROS1 and ROS2 based Middleware


Worked on the ROS1 and ROS2 based Middleware of the WayRay AR Rendering Engine.

Zenoh based Mobile Gateway


Created a Zenoh based Mobile Gateway prototype for ROS1 and ROS2 based systems.

Embedded Linux Development


We have long time experience in building embedded Linux applications on MIPS and ARM hardware. For MIPS we worked on the porting of Google V8 and Android.

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Hard Projects

Do you have a project another team failed to deliver?

Do you have a project with hard math, GPU optimization or compilers?

Do you have a project that has strict performance requirements?


Salvaging Failed Projects

If you had a project that another team failed to implement properly, we are happy to analyze it, salvage what can be saved and make it a success story.

Math, GPUs and Compilers

Our engineers have many years of experience working on hard math problems, GPU optimizations and building compilers.

Performance Optimization

We have experience in performance optimization on a variety of platforms using Linux EBPF probes, Google Perfetto, and other frameworks.

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