Our Projects

A selection of our finest work.


WayRay - Automotive AR HUD Development

Implemented SDK for 3rd party applications with Docker and Android.

Built the rendering engine on top of Godot Engine.

Created VR Simulator with Carla and Unreal Engine.

Implemented middleware framework on top of ROS2 and facilitated the transition from ROS1.


Voxels - Foxus RGB Passthrough AR

Implemented RGB Passthrough AR on Meta Quest 2.

Built on top of Godot Engine.

On GPU camera distortion processing.

Parallelized JPEG decoding.

Godot Engine performance optimization with Google Perfetto.

Check it out at Foxus.com.


Intel - Multi-OS Engine

Intel acquired the original product from Migeran

Started the development of Migeran for iOS in 2013.

It allowed developers to create iOS apps in Java with full access to the iOS API.

In 2015 Intel acquired the product and released it as the Multi-OS Engine.

We continued working on the product together with Intel.

In 2016 Intel released MOE as open-source, and asked us to continue as the project lead. The Multi-OS Engine is now a community project.


Attrecto - React Native SDK

We have a long time business relationship with Attrecto. We helped them with our software development skills on multiple projects.

Most recently we implemented a React Native SDK on top of native independent Android (Java) and iOS (Swift) SDKs for one of their clients.

We designed a common API that is similar to the native SDKs, but also easy to use for React Native developers. The API was built in TypeScript so static typing information is available for free.

The binding to the native SDKs was implemented using the new React Native TurboModules and JSI framework. We used Java and Objective-C reflection to create a binding that is easy to maintain.


MIPS - System Development (Google V8 & Android)

We had a long time business relationship with MIPS Technologies. We participated in a number of different projects, including porting Android and the V8 JavaScript Engine to MIPS hardware.

Between 2010 and 2016 we worked on the Google V8 MIPS port, including all major developments during that time, like the Crankshaft and the TurboFan compilers.