Color Passthrough AR on the Quest 2 with the Foxus Addon

Can a Quest 2 beat the Quest Pro? Check out what we built.


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Our friends at Foxus  just released a video  comparing the Quest Pro to the Foxus Addon on a Meta Quest 2.

The Foxus results are pretty spectacular, especially if you factor in the price difference.

Full Disclosure: We developed the software

Our team developed the control and visualization software for Foxus using Godot Engine 3.x. To reach this performance we had to heavily customize Godot Engine itself, apply various performance optimizations and add parallelized JPEG decoding support - which is not easy to do due to the JPEG format itself.

About Migeran

Migeran is a full-service software engineering company. In the past 15 years, we have been delivering software projects for our clients in a large variety of markets using a broad set of technologies, including:

  • AR / VR solutions based on Godot Engine and Unreal Engine
  • Robotics solutions based on ROS1 and ROS2
  • Native and cross-platform mobile apps built in Java / Kotlin, Swift / Objective-C and JavaScript / TypeScript with React Native.
  • Business applications based on Web and Mobile frontends and Java, Python, Ruby and PHP backend

Our first own product, Migeran for iOS was acquired by Intel in 2015 and released as the Multi-OS Engine.

We are available for new projects, you may contact us if you would like to learn more or have a project that you would like to discuss with us.

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